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Monolithic Membrane 6125®

garden roof

The original rubberized asphalt membrane

Monolithic Membrane 6125® (MM6125®) is a hot applied rubberized asphalt for use in waterproofing. MM6125® is a thick, tough, flexible and self-healing membrane. It has been successfully used worldwide by leading architects, engineers and owners on all types of horizontal and vertical structures including plazas, parking decks, fountains, water basins, planters, tunnels, bridges, mud slabs, foundation walls, roofs and vegetative roofs. MM6125® has an unbeatable track record of more than 60 years.

MM6125®  has many unique characteristics...

  • MM6125® conforms to all surface irregularities and bonds tenaciously to an acceptable substrate (i.e., concrete, steel, wood, etc.) eliminating lateral migration of water.
  • MM6125® is completely monolithic; no seam.
  • MM6125® is typically installed at 6 mm thick in the fabric reinforced Assembly. This is more than three times thicker than most other waterproofing membranes. Thickness is an important benefit in that MM6125® exhibits the ability to self-heal and better accommodates developing cracks in a concrete substrate.
  • MM6125® is a homogeneous mixture of refined asphalts, synthetic rubber and mineral inert filler.
  • MM6125® contains 40% post-consumer recycled material.
  • MM6125® has no VOC. No solvent means no on-site cure failures, no two part mixing.
  • MM6125® can be installed at temperatures as low as -18°C (provided the substrate is clean, dry and free of snow and frost).
  • MM6125® detailing is simplified, with triple protection at all critical locations.
  • MM6125® is ideal for dead level installations; no slope required.
  • MM6125® was developed to perform in a wet (submerged) environment.
  • MM6125® tie-ins from one day's work to the next are easy, perfect for phased construction.


One of the reasons MM6125® has been so successful in the marketplace is that MM6125®  can only be installed by "trained" authorized Hydrotech applicators. MM6125®  is sold direct, not through a distributorship.

Most importantly, MM6125 has been used in the marketplace for 60 years WITHOUT A MATERIAL FAILURE!

validated recycled content 40%